Mammoth Day 1

Mammoth Lakes

We arrived to Mammoth California. We have camped here before in the spring. Here is a photo of this place in the spring. It is the most magical, green place you will find. It is not near any main roads and the place was calm, peaceful, and not overwhelmed or full of signs of people. It is a place I go to and truly feel like a guest of this great piece of land, instead of feeling as though humans own and manage the land.


This time, we are here in the winter. The place is just as fierce in it’s beauty. It is full of snow and hot springs full of steam billowing over the open plain. I hear coyotes in the distance as I fall asleep and I am blinded by the amount of stars shining above me at night. The cold stings my cheeks, but I can’t complain. Here I am once again in this piece of land that always reminds me of the power of getting outdoors.

We find our camping space, set up our rooftop tent and build a fire to stay warm. The wind was blowing hard though so we had to cook indoors that night, but we enjoy our little roof top tent annex. It has saved us in bad weather so many times!

TJM Rooftop Tent Annex

After cooking, we slept up in the tent to stay warm. With our new wool blanket, we stayed perfectly warm at night, despite the sub 20’s temperatures. There was barely any wind and I was so excited for the next morning when we could explore and spend time wandering around this beautiful area!


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