Up to the Mountains

After a day of Jeremy’s brothers, his dad and step mom, and playing games, we headed another hour north to Fresno, CA in order to visit Jeremy’s mom, Karen for a Christmas celebration. We arrived at her new house and we got to meet her new little dog. He is very cute and named Brody. He is a lab terrier mix and a lot of fun. We were excited because out of all of the 8 dogs at Jeremy’s dad’s house, none of them like to play with Kai. Brody and Kai were the best of friends!

After opening presents and meeting Brody, we all packed up and headed up to the mountains nearby to the cabin that his mom has. I love going up to cabins. This one was really big and I love more of the cozy A frame feel, but being in the mountains with the fresh crisp air surrounded by trees is a lot of fun. We ate and hung out and played some games and mostly relaxed.

Finally, we headed to bed and got ready for the next day. We are going to be going to China Peak to ski and snowboard! I am excited because I have not done that since I was a little kid. I keep trying to do things that make me uncomfortable and that push me out of my routine. It seems as though the older we get, these moments can be less and less unless we look for it. Here’s to being pushed harder this next year.

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