Christmas 2019

Mammoth Mountain Convict Lake

Christmas Day. I woke up and remembered the anticipation as a kid. Kid’s still make this holiday so magical. They remind us what it is like to anticipate and although most may just be anticipating the gifts, I think they feel something that as you grow up, you may start to miss. I think they feel the energy of the visiting of families, the putting on your best dressed, the food, and the rest from work. It’s the one day a year where every (except crazy coffee shops) close down. I can’t wait to one day feel the magic with our own kids.

We woke up and head on our morning family Christmas run. Kai found a bunny that looked like a pet and almost caught it. Poor bunny is definitely not as fast as the wild ones, but Kai had the time of her life!

This year, we are in Visalia with Jeremy’s family. His grandpa is in town from Arkansas, so we even got to celebrate with him. We open gifts and spend the day just chatting. Of course, Jeremy is working on the Jeep and getting some wiring done with his brothers.

We ate a dinner and then played a game called Sky Jo for six hours. How did I even sit in the same place for that long? IT was a great Christmas, but definitely the most different I have ever had from the traditions at home. ¬†Tomorrow we head to see Jeremy’s mom in Fresno, California, then we are off to Shaver Lake in the mountains for some Cabin Life.

Merry Christmas!

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