Meals with friends

Our neighbors have now for sure booked that they are moving back to Holland in February. We are so sad. This is Kai’s best friend Karl. This is my great friend, Marieke. We are losing our sweet little Mace and Coy as well.


For now, we are soaking up every minute together. Yesterday, they reached out and asked us to come over and help them eat all their food before they leave to Portland for the holidays. She is so European. She loves to host and when you are there, she just puts more and more food in front of you. You are constantly offered tea and chocolate and the more the merrier for dinner is the idea.

She made a homemade quiche and salad. We snacked on hummus and Mace even got to try some as well!


I prayed last year for a good friend that is close by and real and so much fun to hang out with. I then got Marieke. We laugh, drink tea and wine, talk about how to be braver as women, talk about our work and research (she does work with research on OCD), and we laugh a lot while we do it.

Last night, I asked her if they “toilet paper houses” in Holland. She replied, “Yes we have toilet paper in Holland”. She looked so confused. I quickly explained and showed photos of toilet papering and she thought Americans were a little strange for this. I told her stories of doing this in high school and we laughed and laughed. I am going to miss these easy going nights where we stroll over unplanned. I am going to miss Kai wrestling with Karl and watching Mace reach out to me when I walk in the door.

We know we will visit them in Holland, but for now, we are soaking up every San Diego minute we can. K1 Speed Racing

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