Getting through Mondays

San Diego Harbor Sunset

I know for most people, Mondays are hard. For us, they feel hard because we want to snuggle up and watch the sea lions eat their fish instead of rushing out the door. This morning, I couldn’t help but feel so lucky to be so close to the ocean each morning. That dingy ride to my car is my favorite. You stare out over the city and get a calm few minutes before you begin hustling for the day. You never miss a sunrise, and my first workout is always while watching the sun rise over the downtown skyline.


We all went back to work, but we did not have time to dump black and refill water this weekend. Jeremy is heading out to Mammoth for the week for work, and I did not want to do this alone while he was gone. He rushed back and got the process going. I came home and ran to the dock where I got on board and helped him motor back and hook up to the ball.

We talk a lot about how we love this life because you have to have more teamwork. You have to clear communication or things can go wrong. you have to divide and conquer and figure out who has what roles. It is fun to rely on each other. There is something special about timing your end of day with each others so you can dingy back to shore. I hope to write down each day of this journal so we don’t forget the details. We don’t forget the way the reverse went out one day and I ran from bow to stern pushing off the million dollar yachts so we wouldn’t hit any as he tried to get that 1975 reverse to reengage. When the chaos was over, we laughed and giggled and said let’s not do that again!

If for some reason we have to move off a boat one day, I hope we carry these lessons over. I hope we find ways to appreciate each other, to see what they bring to the table, to work together, to communicate better, to relax, to carve time for each other. I think if we ever move out, I will miss bumping booties each morning as we try to pass each other to get to the bathroom.

This life is so sweet.

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