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San Diego Sailing Catalina 30

We love Sundays around here. They are slow. They have our favorite chores on them (ever since we moved grocery shopping to Tuesdays. We highly recommend it). They allow you to sleep in and soak up the sunshine on a sail.

This Sunday, we met up with my brother, Justin, and his wife, Rosy, for breakfast at Point Break Cafe. We decided this year that instead of doing Christmas presents, we would go ahead and spend a day together. We are trying to live smaller and full of purpose. I feel as though a lot of Christmas, we are scrambling to find any sort of gift. We are guessing and there is the stress of knowing if it is a good enough gift etc. I wish the gifts weren’t such a thing. Jeremy and I are different gift givers. We aren’t big into birthday, Christmas, Valentine gifts. Instead, we love giving throughout the year to each other. Jeremy lands a new shoot and I get him a new button up to celebrate. He sees I am having a hard week and surprises me with ice cream. I love this kind of gift giving because it feels so personal and as though you know the person well and are there with them in whatever they are experiencing. So, my brother and I decided breakfast and a sail day would be our Christmas celebration with each other.


We ate delicious breakfast food, walked Shelter island and headed back to begin our sail. There was not a lot of wind, so halfway through, we ended up having to turn on the motor. Due to the storm, there was a lot of trash in the ocean, so we spent our time retrieving backpacks, balloons, and any items we could scoop up. Kai loved snuggling with Rosy as well.IMG_0514.jpg

We made it to the downtown skyline and looked at military ships, cruise ships, and watched the wind pick up for the evening. We headed back to our mooring ball and parked it before we took them to shore.

I loved knowing our Christmas has a memory around it verses another item that I will probably forget about.

We headed for the evening to Karl, Marieke, Coy and Mace’s house where we ran the dogs in the canyon and chatted for hours.

Sunday nights are always early nights for us. We cuddle up and watch Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon, and get ready for the week ahead. I’d say it is a great week!


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