Slow Saturdays

San Diego Sailing with baby Hyperlight Life Vest

Today we woke up slowly, just like the ocean seemed to do. The water and wind were calm and the sea lions even seemed to wake up later than usual.

We dropped the Jeep off to get some maintenance done, then we headed off to the gym for a little.

We took Kai to her cliff bunny chasing station while Jeremy got a much needed haircut as his favorite OB Barbershop. They don’t take reservations or cards and always have a line out the door!

The world was extra crowded. It seems to always be that way after a storm, everyone wants to get out.

We told Kai her friend Karl was coming over to hang with all of us! She was stoked!

We enjoyed setting up a bed for Mace, the 7 month old to take her nap in and we all chatted and ate delicious snacks. The board is so she can’t crawl out!


They are headed back to Holland soon, so we are soaking up every Karl playdate, every Mace giggle, and every late night full of conversation with our good friends.


The boat with friends makes you feel like

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