Calm After the Storm

San Diego Sunset Cliffs

The day after the storm, everything seems new and beautiful. The skies were clear and blue. The air was crisp. There was just a little more mud than usual in new places.


My coworker surprised me with a Chai tea to sip on on this Friday at work and I couldn’t wait to get home to snuggle in our cozy boat.


Jeremy was back to work filming and even had a client give him this beautiful avocado.


When we got home, we were so out of it, we forgot to tie up the dingy, so I had to paddle to get it before it drifted off to sea!! We were laughing so hard. It is moments like these we treasure. The easy light stories we will tell our kids one day.


We enjoyed this storm and we spent Friday night relaxing on our boat, soaking up the beauty of this pretty city.


Until the next storm!


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