Pacific Coast Highway River

The storm was pretty gentle this morning. We headed out on the dingy as usual and nothing seemed to be too crazy. It was sprinkling some this morning, but nothing to be excited about. Over night, the wind and rain were calm and we both commented how we slept better then ever. The boat does not really rock and Kai dog is doing well with her Fomo Bones CBD treats to calm her when it is too stormy.

I went to work and at the school I teach at, we even had outdoor events. I came home to a light sprinkle, but still headed to the gym as usual. When I got to the gym, the thunder and lightning began. The sky was a lot darker then it normally is, and I could hear the booming over my headphones. The lights flickered, and I texted Jeremy to see if he was home yet. We needed to get back to the boat before the next set of the storm came.

He was waiting there for me with Kai dog getting a little nervous about the lightning.

Look at her sad little ears. Jeremy went to Petco before and bought her a bone for the night. He contemplated getting a little dog rain coat as well, but she would hate it.


When we got to the parking lot, we realized we left our wifi box at the office, so we decided we would trek across town quickly and grab thai food along the way. As we hit Pacific Highway, the road was a river. The rain was coming down so hard and the storm drains could not keep up. A water main broke as well, so there was water everywhere! We watched some cars stall out and get stuck on the side of the road and there were geysers coming out of the drain man hole covers! Here are a few videos we took below.

After we finally got through the chaos of mudslides and rivers, we got our Thai, checked on the flooding at the office, and decided to make a pit stop at our old neighbors house to wait out the storm! We ate dinner, talked, dried off, and ate delicious Dutch chocolate and Marzipan.


We headed home around 9. The roads were packed as though it was 6PM rush hour traffic. When we got back to the boat, everything was quiet, dry, and calm. We know now that we have 2 windows that leak, so we will be resealing those!

We are loving this San Diego weather! Woo!

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