Is this the PNW?

We heard there was another storm coming. Last week when there was a storm, it was our first time seeing what this was like on the boat. We didn’t know if the boat would rock more in the wind and rough waters, how Kai would do, or what windows would leak. After going through our first round, we learned that Kai doesn’t sleep in 25 MPH gusts of wind, always lock the bathroom window before you go to sleep or you wake up to water pouring in, and to snuggle extra close, because it is cold.

This time we would be pros. When I woke up at 5:45 AM for my morning workout watching the sunrise, the sky was blue with not a cloud in sight. What were the weather people thinking? There is no storm. This time of day is my favorite. I wake up and slip out of our bed. I kiss Kai and pull the blanket a little higher on Jeremy. I sit and drink water, watching the sun rise. No phone, no books, just stillness. I hear the morning duck approach our boat that visits each day. He has his own unique noise. We have never fed him, so I think he just loves us. I hear the sea gulls wake and them try to sneak a piece of a sea lions breakfast nearby. As the morning wind picks up, I hear the dingy beat against the side of the boat, then I hear Jeremy begin to rustle. He will be awake soon.

He starts to make coffee and I do my morning cleaning. I just love starting my day with a made bed, a clean house, and the dishes done. It feels fresh and new and ready for a new start.

We got in the dingy and headed to shore. I told Jeremy, “What storm?” We headed off our own ways, me to work, and him to Sunset cliffs to walk Kai for the morning. That was when Jeremy sent me this… Storm is approaching.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 8.14.38 AM

By the time I got home from work, it was pouring. In San Diego, we do not know how to drive in the rain, but cut us some slack. Our roads are just not built the same! ON my way home, the freeways were flooded and it was crazy out. I bailed on the gym and instead we met in the lot to get on the dingy and head to the boat for the night. Time to hunker down.

Kai is a special dog. She takes forever to pee and find the perfect spot to poop. When it is raining, it is even worse. We got out go the car to let her do her business and there was a pause in the rain. After waiting 15 minutes, it was pouring and we were running to the dingy.  After rain, you have to get a cup of water and dump the rain out before getting in. We were waiting while Jeremy quickly did this and Kai looked miserably cold. I love when her ears go flat like that!


As we zoomed across the water, of course, the rain picked up. We were laughing as the dingy rocked back and forth. We  were soaking wet and it seemed too ridiculous to be real life. I love these little moments. I think we will remember them forever. We scrambled onto the boat. Jeremy tied the dingy extra tight, and we closed everything down to keep the rain out. We changed out of all those wet clothes and I began to make bean soup! (Recipe)  I love this recipe because it is so easy to make, especially when you are rocking around in a stormy boat.

At our last storm, the boat swayed swinging the bow and the stern. This time, it was more of a side to side rock in the mast. Good thing neither of us get seasick. Kai was a lot calmer this time as we got her dog FOMO CBD treats. If you were ever a sceptic about this, she falls asleep for the night in about 20 minutes. These are a life saver!

We spent the night trying to find where random water was coming in, cuddling in our fold down bed watching The Americans on Amazon, and listening to the rain fall. These days take a little more effort, but they are the good ole days. Keep them coming.

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