8 Things I am Glad I didn’t Downsize When Becoming a Liveaboard

Moving into a 30 foot Catalina sailboat can seem like a daunting task to most. Where do you fit everything? How do you shower? Where do you get power? How do you cook? There were some things we were unsure about, but we knew we wanted to give this small, dreamy lifestyle a try.

To prepare, you get rid of a lot of things. Downsizing. Minimalism. Whatever you want to call it. You select the items that you know you will use. Then I read the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I realized it’s more of keeping the items that bring you joy. (I highly recommend this book. There is so much more healing depth to that book so you should read it on your own and let me know what you think) There were a few things that in these first few months, I am so glad that they did not go tot he donation bins. So if you are headed to become a live aboard, here are some things that I am so glad I have.

Pillows and my soft fluffy blankets

We make up our dining room to a couch bed each night after dinner. We set up Yahtzee games, book reading, or some good ole fashioned “Netflix and chill”. We pull out our soft fluffy blankets that we have 2 of so we don’t have to share. We bring out my body pillow and each of our own pillows. There is something about having simple homey touches living in a small space. It feels cozy and welcoming and we all get excited for the couch bed to come out. Even Kai knows when it’s time to settle down when these cozy blankets come out. They make seem like something in excess, but to me, minimalism is keeping things that only bring you joy and man, these blankets bring us joy.

Sleep Mask

When we moved on to the boat, I had never used a sleep mask in my life. Then, we decided not to put up curtains on the boat. In the morning, as the sun rises the light begins to shine in. During the summer as the fishing boats would come in and out, we could see some of their lights. I like it, but on those Saturday mornings when you just want to sleep in until 6:30 or 7, bringing out this sleep mask is a dream come true. It’s made of silk so it is good for aging on the skin. It’s soft and is moisture resistant, so there is no bacteria growth. I absolutely love sleeping with this! Jeremy makes fun of me, because I look like a diva with my mask, but I am a well rested diva so I will take it.

Wetsuits and Bathing Suits

This one is a little ridiculous. I own 7 different wetsuits. I have my Billabong surf capsules for the warmer summer water, a Fourth Element shortie, another Patagonia shortie, a sleeveless Billabong wetsuit, Billabong wetsuit pants, Billabong 4/3, a Matuse wetsuit top, and a Volcom crop rash guard. This is another thing that Jeremy thinks I am crazy for, but I actually use all of them. We are in the water a lot and I don’t ever have to be cold. I don’t regret that it takes up a good chunk of our storage.

I also have multiple style bathing suits. If you live on a boat, you will be in suits and why not have the ones you love and multiple styles. I have an entire drawer of just suits.

Smoothie Makers


You guys all know how much I love this thing. We make smoothies daily with our Vital Proteins Collagen powder. Our travel sized one takes up about six inches of space on the shelf and I do not regret it one bit! It barely takes any power to charge up again either. We are big fans!


We use a lot of bags. You can’t just hop in the dingy with things in your hands because you will very easily lose things in the ocean. Trust us. There are a lot of items below our boat we have lost, but none of the items beat our neighbor who dropped his laptop with the only copy of the book he was writing. We use reusable grocery bags, gym bags, backpacks, cotopaxi bags, my October bag for work, Dakine mini backpacks and a lot more. I am glad I kept a lot and we have acquired a few more. I never have carried a purse, and I am not a huge fan of it, but I have really liked the ability to easily transport my stuff to shore and back again

My 14 pairs of Shoes

I own 2 pairs of heels, 2 pairs of sandals, Ugg Slippers, Rainbows, Running Shoes, gym shoes All Bird comfy Shoes, water shoes, converse, ankle boots, and 2 pairs of vans. That is 14 shoes. For a girl, I am pretty proud of that.

Every pair of shoes has a purpose.  My heels get put in storage in the bottom of the boat for those fancier situations. I have Rainbow sandals that aren’t flip flops and a target sandal that I wear with business attire.  I have my Ugg slippers that I wear nightly. These are my favorite. They are hard bottom and perfectly cozy. I leave them at the end of my bed and hop in to them as soon as I wake up. My pair of rainbows is a staple. If you have a pair, you know what I mean. I bring them to work and change into them as soon as the students leave. They are the greatest and I have even converted Jeremy. Gym shoes and running shoes are a must for obvious reasons. My All birds are made of wool. They are so comfortable and do not require socks. They are great for walking the trails and taking Kai on adventures. My Aleader water shoes (Genieva15 will give you 15% off if you buy them)  look cute and do the job well of letting you get in the water with them. Water shoes are usually really nerdy looking, but these are amazing and even have grip on the bottom. We sail in these, walk to the water in these, and so much more. We are big fans! Converse, Ankle boots, and high top vans are for those comfier laid back days. Every pair has a purpose and I love that. Minimalism does not mean a number. It means finding joy in your items you have and every pair of these shoes are exactly for that.

It was fun thinking of these items. It made me appreciate them even more! I don’t regret what I kept and I have not thought of anything that I got rid of.  Remember, what brings you joy, do more of that.



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