Viajamos a Mexico! Week 3

Baja Dog Rescue

Week 3 of sailboat life, we were not on the boat quite as much as normal. Instead, we hit the road to one of our favorite places in Baja California, Mexico for a last minute end of summer trip with friends!

As written on a previous post, we worked on the trailer, by we I mean Jeremy. He added solar power to the trailer for the trip and we are almost done with

We headed out in a caravan of our friends down for our ten hour drive around 7 AM. Our plan was 6 AM but us Davidsons ran really late! The drive down the one along the Baja coast is a beautiful one! With the Jeep, the gas tank can only get you about 275 miles. Because of a large gap in Mexico from gas stations, we had to be sure to plan this out and fill up gas cans that will allow us to get back on our journey home. We stopped for delicious tacos, grabbed gas, than made the last trek down south. We finally pulled up to open coast and empty flat water. We had planned to surf, but there were absolutely no waves. Good thing we brought a paddle board.


Kai was loving meeting all of the Baja dogs down there. We kept joking that they all looked like her. She is actually from Mexico and was rescues from Baja dog Rescue.

We spent our days Boogie boarding, snorkeling, paddle boarding and riding the blow up swan we had in the waves as well. It was so cool to see what San Diego shores would look like while snorkeling if they were untouched by us and commercial fishing. There was so much wildlife underneath there and healthy looking kelp.

We spent the mornings walking the empty beaches and finding sand dollars and shells. We even found a large dead turtle! It was sad to be dead, but cool to know what was in the area.

Every afternoon, the winds would pick up and we would lazily hang around our camp site that was protected from the wind. We played games and hung out with the kids.

This spot is next to a tiny fishing village of about 50 people or less. I loved watching them work each day to help their tiny village survive. That kind of stuff amazes me.

Sunday night, we drove home and the drive was a lot of fun. I slept a lot of it, but we stopped for amazing tacos. I ate four and a quesadilla because I loved it so much. We had over prepared for the border. We had taken Kai to the vet to get her health certificate that we read online they need to get back through the border. No one even asked for it! It is probably a good idea to still get it if you are going. After dropping off the trailer and heading back to the boat it was 2 AM before we headed off to sleep.


It had been so hot and muggy in San Diego, so it took a little to fall asleep. Im so glad we made memories with friends over the last week. There is something so playful about boogie boarding in cold waves and the giggles when the wave pushes you to shore and you spin out of it. I’m nervous to head back to work on the 17th. I’m hopeful to embrace the boat and to love the water and to not let work take away from this lifestyle. Mexico was so good for my soul and calming and we can’t wait to go again.

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