Tiny Living Meal planning and Groceries

Living on our boat, there is less room for food storage, perishable items that need to go in the refrigerator, and being conscious of power and propane usage. Here is how our eating has gone so far.


Smoothie: We wake up and make our protein smoothies. I have been using this plant based protein and making my smoothies in this battery powered blender. The blender lasts for about 15 smoothies before you recharge.

After a little while and hitting the gym or walking with Kai, it is time for our second breakfast. Our options are typically:

  1. Egg sandwiches: We make 2-3 eggs each and place them on a whole wheat bagel with pesto, Kale, and tomato. This is filling and easy!
  2. Cereal: Sometimes you need it quick and easy you know what I mean
  3. Oatmeal: It has been hot lately, so we aren’t using this one as much
  4. Chia pudding: chia seed, almond milk, trail mix



We typically make quinoa bowls. This means that I make quinoa and place whatever sparks my interest on the grocery store on top. I used to be very regimented in my grocery shopping, but that felt like too much. Instead, I cruise the aisles until I see fruits and veggies that I know I could use. This has meant kale, cucumbers (which I am trying the English cucumber lately), tomatoes, peppers, and any things I would like to try.

Then at lunch, I take quinoa and pile on whatever I can find that sounds good. Food has been a stress for me the last few years. I am trying to make life less stressful with food though and listen to my body more. When I make these bowls, they typically have avocado and some sort of dressing on top. These are so fresh and delicious and easy. I find that I get the bulk of my vegetables at lunch.



We have a few main options that we rotate through.

  1. Vegetarian Thai Curry: coconut milk, carrots, peppers, rice, thai curry paste
  2. Egg Sandwiches: same as the breakfast 🙂
  3. Lentil Pasta with Pesto and a salad: Have you ever had Banza pasta? They make the pasta out of lentils, chick peas and other sources of protein! It is amazing.
  4. Protein Pasta Salad: This is a recipe I found from @kalememaybe and I made it my own. This is Banza pasta, chopped up cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, and then a caesar dressing on top! Easily made in under 15 minutes and filling!
  5. Quinoa Bowl: Same as lunch
  6. Eat out: We all do it. Its our treat!
  7. Kale Eggs and Sweet potatoes: This is one of my favorite with a little salsa on top!


We snack on Lara Bars, hummus and veggies, chips and guac/salsa, fruit, and sometimes a second smoothie of the day! Let me know if you want any more

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