Baja Adventures Prep-Sailboat life Week 2

We are heading off to Baja for a last end of summer surf trip! We are headed to El Marron, which is about 10 hours south of San Diego. Think of white sandy beaches, with no one around in the middle of a tiny fishing village and untouched coastline. We are stoked to head out with Jeff, Tori, Brandon, Alisa, and their two kids, Brisa and Rowan.

To get ready, Jeremy has been working hard to add some new pieces to the trailer.

Here is our dream list:

  1. Water pump
  2. solar power
  3. slide out drawers (When you are short, it is hard to reach inside)
  4. Refrigerator.

This trip, he is getting the solar power squared away. Here is a preview of the setup we have. If you have any questions on what kinds of gear we used and why, feel free to reach out more. Have you ever used solar power? How did the setup process go for you?



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