Sailboat Liveaboard Life Week 1

I wanted to give you an update on week 1 as a preview. We are finishing up our week one vlog for our youtube channel, but here are some things you can expect.

We are loving falling asleep to the wind blowing through the hatch of our bed, seeing the stars, and having no time for television. I realized that I haven’t watched any Netflix in a week!

We didn’t have solar power or our refrigerator the first week, so we worked out of our cooler. It was like camping, but it was great. Jeremy spent the weekend hooking up the solar power and now, we are a power generating machine.

I wanted our place to feel homey and we have been working on a post to show off our decor, but here is a little sneak preview of how things are going!


We love going on walks, watching the animals swim by, and drinking coffee and smoothies on the deck. One morning a whole family of crabs went swimming by. Kai loved chasing them around the boat figuring out what they were. IMG_0202

At first, I felt a little overwhelmed figuring out what actually needed to stay, what could go, and where things were going to go while keeping the boat sail ready. It doesn’t look like this anymore, but this felt overwhelming! IMG_1050

Kai loves boat life. She is a bird chasing, air sniffing, sleepy headed happy pup that is always salty. She’s been working on a post of her own, so you will hear more from her later. We got her a new bed, and we loved that it had sailing stripes! Cheezy?IMG_1053

I am loving these dingy rides and Jeremy makes fun of me because I come in real hot every where I take it. It’s like riding a go cart! Sidenote:  I drink too many coconut waters a week. I’m addicted!IMG_1172

Here is a little of Kai’s morning routine. She watches the sailboats come and go and hunts the seagulls along the way. IMG_1181

Over the last week, we have met a lot of other couples who live on their boats as well. We see them on shore running their dogs as well and taking them for a swim. They are quick to invite us over or to join them on our trip. I love how communities are just willing to invite you in as well.

We have always wanted a boat because we are excited to share this with others. We love being able to give people a day on the water with the breeze gently blowing and looking at their beautiful city. We have only had a few guests so far, but we love dreaming of who else we will bring along. If you’re in the area and want a sail, we’d love to take you!

Like I said before, look for our first Vlog on our youtube channel coming soon! Follow us on instagram or subscribe on youtube so that you won’t miss it!

PS. Have we ever told you that our boat name is Wing-n-it? It came with that name, but we love it and feel like it fits us, because let’s be honest we are all just Wing-n-it.

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