Summer is here!

It’s summer! Can you believe it? It’s officially summer and it is officially my summer break. I am a teacher, so I get to continue to live that summer schedule dream. I love my job and the work that I do, but having two months off a year (plus all the other breaks) really just sets me back to hit a restart.

Sunshine, salty skin and hair, no business attire, and pretty much only living in my board shorts is the way I love to be.

With summer on my mind, here are my goals for this summer:

  1. Surf at least 3x a week–if you’re a San Diego girl or stopping by, I’d love to go together 🙂
  2. Make time for 5 days of the week to watch the sunrise or sunset.– I keep having these dreams of how living on the boat will make us almost a supporting role in the sunset. We won’t watch it through kitchen windows, or in our air conditioned cars as we head home. We will be a part of it. We will watch the birds head home, hear the military base horn to signal the end of the day, see the fishing boats head in and out as the sea lions follow close behind to catch the scraps. This is something I am most excited about for boat life.
  3. Adjust to boat life. Find my groove. –I love having my groove. I love knowing my has station workers, my post office worker, my neighbors. I love the community and the routine. I love knowing the sounds and becoming a part of the rhythm. Moving is always hard for me because I break the rhythm, but you always find a new one. I can’t wait to see it.
  4. Read at least 5 books. (I can do this in like a week). –Have any good ones you can recommend? I literally have none with my eye one it. Help!
  5. Write daily–Writing lets my soul breathe, makes me smile, and gives me good people like you to talk to.
  6. Friends–Remember when I said I suck at adult friends? Well I want to be intentional this summer. Silly goal? Maybe.
  7. Explore with J… Maybe it’s on the ocean some days, in the Jeep, or just exploring through what documentary we want to watch next. We fell in love through exploring. I love summers because we get to explore our little hearts out and I always learn more about him when we do. Maybe we will get brave and even sail to Catalina? Any recommendations?

Summer is here. Here is to whiskey gingers on the boat at sunset. Here is to smoothies, sunsets, sunrises, salt, laughs, rest, and exploring. Enjoy your summer folks.


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