Father’s Day

I look at this photo above and I remember feeling so much love that day. I watched the way my step-dad looked at me. I saw in his eyes the pride for me. I loved that he was the one to officiate and usher me into this next chapter. I love the way Jeremy is looking at me and I think of one day when all of those roles are switched around and it’s our own daughter in this photo.

As we take the time to celebrate today our fathers, grandfathers, and other men in our life that lead us consistently, I think on their importance and what they bring to the table. As I talk about what a dad brings to us, this is only because of what I know from my own experience.

Dads bring us confidence. (Women bring this stuff too, but today we are talking about dads) Dads teach us it’s okay to be brave and strong and confident in what you can do. Take a compliment and own it without dismissing it.

Dads teach us things. I think back to coming home from school, changing my clothes, and being ready to work on our family Volkswagen each day. These were priceless times I will never forget. I felt so important, cared for, and as though I could learn anything even if cars were typically a boys thing. I am sure I made the whole process harder, but he was patient and kind and gave me my own task to complete.

Dads teach us to have patience, high expectations to those we let around us, and to work hard in all we do. Jeremy always talks about his dad saying, “You’re a Davidson”. Jeremy learned a sense of pride and doing your best to represent your family as well. Dads teach there is more to life then just you. I see this in Jeremy. I see the way his dad taught him hard work, pride and protection for his family, and the willingness to drop everything and help.


We watch them spend their days taking care of the kids, or heading off to work to make money. We watch them love our moms well. We watch them make mistakes and see when they apologize to us. We see their strength and are in awe, but we learn to value their moments of humility and sensitivity.

Dads are important to our sense of adventure, belonging, courage, and ultimately the future relationships we build and how we build them.

I hope this Father’s Day, you loved on your dad and told him he was important to you. If you don’t have a dad, I hope you found someone who played that role to you and honored them as well. If you are striving to be a dad, I hope you had someone to share a day that may have been a little harder for you. In honor of those that are like dads to us, Happy Father’s Day!

Here is a photo of my biological father. I get his nose, his height, his sass, and his Mexican roots.


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