Building a Board Rack

This move in date is fast approaching! With it being 30 days from now, we are trying to be sure that everything is ready to go. We have a lot of boards. 4 surfboards and 1 inflatable Isle paddle board. We want to be sure that they can have a good place that isn’t taking up a ton of space, but is easy to get to and use.

Jeremy took PVC piping and cut and build these stands here.  IMG_0548-1.jpeg

Then, they hook along the side of the rail using metal clamps to secure tightly.  As you saw above, then we slide our paddle board into the holders. With our paddle board being inflatable, we will not leave it fully blown up there to take care of the seams. After using, we will release a little air, then put it inside of it’s sock and store along the side. IMG_0550-1When I want to go for a sunset paddle, she’s easily ready to go!


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