I love buying things that have a story. When I do Christmas, ask my family. I watch them unwrap them typically tell them which cause their item supports. Bringing water around the world, cleaning plastic from the ocean. . I love this trend of brands want their company to do even more then make a profit. I love that it’s working and people are buying, so more companies are taking action.

Our adventurous lifestyle makes us feel as though we want to live more intentionally. We want to not use plastics that end up in the ocean. We want to waste less food. We want to not need as much and when we do need something, we want it to do more then keep us warm, give us shoes, or be something pretty to wear. We want to use up less time doing useless things. About a year ago, I found a subscription box that does just that. Every item in their box supports a cause and makes it easy to be intentional with what we buy. I am normally not into subscription boxes, and Haven’t bought new clothes in a while. So each new season, this box comes to my door and surprises me with some goodies.

I just got my summer Causebox!

First, look how beautiful this box is that it ships in. Even this is a piece of art. When I see the box, it always makes me excited for that next season coming up. If I were the mail person and I had to deliver this, it would put a little pep in my step!

When you open your box, you get a magazine that explains each item, the story behind the company, what it supports, and the background of the founder. You find the heart behind your items here. After I read this, I feel like I wear these items proudly. Throughout the day, it someone compliments it, I get to tell them a story! This is where I always start with my box. DSC_0521

Here is an overall of this season’s haul. I think the water bottle and the towel are my favorites! $50 for all of these items!DSC_0523

Here is the art piece that comes with the box. The box and the postcard were made by Coco Davez. Every box takes the artist’s work and creates it into a postcard. When I get my box, I think through who may need a little snail mail surprise that week and I love to write them a little letter using this amazing artwork! I love Coco’s style!DSC_0525

These face masks look incredible from Karuna. This brand uses more natural ingredients for skin care. I have found my perfect face items and I do not want to mess with the groove that I have in my skin, so I will gift them to a friend who needs a little mini home spa day! I am sure that they are great and I have heard incredible things about them!DSC_0527

This is one of my favorite items from the box! This is a water bottle from D.stil. This is a stainless steal water bottle. With this box, you did not know if you were going to get the pink stainless steel version or the blue plastic version of the water bottle!  I am glad that I got this one, as I like to avoid the plastics and the light pink is gorgeous. This Seattle based brand is 30 years old and works with bringing water to people all around the world. D.Stil helps support this cause, so as you sip your water, you know others are able to sip water too from your purchase!DSC_0528

I am not normally a nail painter. I can’t sit still that long, I am not good at it, and I get bored with a color quick. When these came, I had officially my first bottles of nail polish!  Zoya has a different cause. This company was founded by Russian immigrants who wanted more natural beauty products, specifically focusing on nails. “As the first to remove toxic ingredients such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) from its formulations, Art of Beauty maintains its focus on the health and well being of salons, spas and consumers.” With all their time being in nail salons, they wanted a healthier approach for workers and consumers! DSC_0529

I wore this the day after I got it! (My dog likes the fluff and tries to eat it!) I love Kevia because she created this jewelry business after spending time in the outdoors. She was in Yosemite and Portland and realized how beautiful the environment is. She wanted to create a business that was sustainable to the planet and to people through the entire manufacturing process. She finds little ways to make differences. For example, instead of having a magazine of her new products, she switched to bamboo wood USB drives. Intention. I love that little changes make a huge impact and it makes me look at where I can do the same. DSC_0531

This bag is brought to you by Tribe Alive. There are three ways you can wear this bag. You can remove the chain and its a hand bag. You can fold it in half and it’s even more compact! I love it. The boxes had three different styles of this that you could have received. Check out CauseBox’s instagram to see more styles! The cause that Tribe Alive stands for is women. They partner with female artists in countries like Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, India, and the United States. They help create steady work for women in great work environments. They are changing the global work condition expectations around the world!DSC_0536

This towel is my favorite! Fair Seas Supply Co. is the brand. This company is California based. They make sure to use sustainable products and fair sew shops. The organic cotton comes from the coast near the Aegean Sea in Turkey. With it being organic, this means it is pesticide free which is better for you and the environment. The sewing is done in a small shop in Southern California. With the company being local, the owners get to watch their product come to life and see the conditions of the people making their apparel. This is uncommon in this industry and by setting this standard, they put the pressure on other companies to do the same. DSC_0537DSC_0538

There was also the Amande shower oil for your skin and hair that I have not gotten to try yet, but I will update you when I do!

The reason I love this box is it makes me more aware of people doing a good thing. It makes me want to be more intentional about even doing small things that lead to big changes. It is hard to be one person and want to make a change, but I can make a change with what I buy, how I use my products, and the lifestyle that I live.


Check out the cause box! They usually have a discount code when you subscribe for $10 off your first box. DSC_0539

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