Dreaming of Sailboats

I am so excited to live on this boat and we officially have a move in date of July 15th. We have a long to-do list and we are keeping track of every expense to document this whole journey. I am excited to live small, intentional, and to see each sunset so closely. Jeremy even bought a roll of Polaroid film so we can take some sweet boat photos this weekend!

Boat life will be the best because: constant ocean views, simple life, fun stories, animals are your neighbors, we can try something new, rent is cheaper, creative living spaces sound fun!

Here is what is next on our to do list: Order new mattress, scrub walls, build solar power,  put up our Treklite Gear Hammock

There is really only one con for me!

Here at our current apartment, we have close neighbors. They have a dog, Karl, who is best friends with Kai. The girl is funny, smart, and Dutch, so we have a blast together walking to coffee and talking about life and different points of view from the Dutch and Americans. She has this new beautiful baby girl and I love seeing her each day and how much she has grown. I look forward to casually running into them in the courtyard and those run ins turn into 2 hour conversations at sunset while our pups chase each other through the yard.

I didn’t realize I was so close to her. I did not realize it would be hard to say goodbye to these last minute coffee dates, Karl’s nose pushing through the hole in our screen looking for Kai, and his face in the window greeting you after a day at work. I know we can still be friends and it’s five minutes away. I know we will find new people to do life side by side with in the mooring balls, but I love community. I am the person who loves knowing their gas station workers, their bank tellers, the man at the corner market, and even the our local homeless friends that share this space with us too. Breaking out of routine and reminding those norms toss me around a little, but I know it will be full of new good routines. If it weren’t for them and my sense of sentimentality, we’d already be living on the boat. So I am soaking up all these small things each day we are here and loving having a husband that gives me time to soak things up.

Time to soak up this beautiful San Diego weekend. You will find us celebrating friend’s birthday, in the ocean, and playing on the boat and hopefully tackling some items on this to do list!



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