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I don’t really know how to explain this video compilation. Like most days, I woke up and was just so thankful for the life I choose to live everyday and the wife I get to spend it with and the pup who is a pain in my butt but is too cute to be mad at. Everyone is told “life is short” but it seems people play that out differently in their lives. We choose to soak in as much adventure as possible, to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone and take challenges head on. We sleep under the stars covered in dirt going days without showering sometimes because we want to have endless stories to tell our grandkids someday. We want to actually have advice for people that we ourselves have been through so we can shed some light on this crazy world. We want to share Gods love with more people than just those in our little small community so we travel as often as we can. Life is short so lets make some meaningful memories. I wish I can say I am so wealthy I just travel and can afford anything and never have to work again, not at all whatsoever, we save as much money as we can so we can take off as many days as we can, so we can have more stories than just going to work everyday for 30+ years. This video I threw together from clips I have gathered over the last 2 or so years on camping trips with my wife. I hope you enjoy, and most importantly I hope you meet us out on the road soon!!!

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