Hearts beating faster.

Do you have that place that makes your cheeks hurt from smiling, your heart beats faster, yet the world around you seems to slow down perfectly so that you notice every hidden piece of moss in the sidewalk cracks and the way the clouds move slowly changing the light on your walk? The first time I went to the Pacific Northwest was October of 2008. For the last 10 years, when who I am and my world seems to feel upside down or a little out of center, my whole body yearns for this place. It’s a place I seem to remember everything and remind myself not to take anything too seriously.

Maybe it’s the trees.

Maybe it is all the beautiful coffee this place makes. (Maybe all the coffee is what makes “your heart beat faster”)

Maybe it’s the food trucks, the walking in step with the city, the old buildings that haven’t changed.

I am not sure what it is there. The people are unapologetically themselves. (Keep Portland weird you know?) Even the food is a little bit of whatever you want it to be. (We found a whole shop dedicated to Ginger Beer!)

The metal bridges towering over a wide river with rain drizzling down my face (Pictured Above) reminded me of the first time I came here. I felt that feeling come over me when you’re in the right place at the right time and every one of your senses just can’t get enough of your surroundings. I wanted to soak up every bit.

I stopped and ran my fingertips along the bump patches of moss that grew along the handrail. I closed my eyes and smelled the rain. I listened to the cars, the whooshing of puddles, and the wind blow along my ears I opened them and saw his face standing there with me, just as in love with this pretty city. I felt like after this trip, he knew a little bit more of me.

This city has its spunk, its spark, and its love for books. It reminds me to be unapologetically and fearlessly myself. It makes me want to dream more, keep playing.

 Jeremy booked this trip for Valentine’s Day weekend. I think he knew exactly what I needed: mac n’ cheese, coffee jitters, plenty of beer samples, sleeping in a shipping container turned fancy studio, and sweater weather. I needed tall trees, looking out at the views from Pittock mansion, and grilled cheese sandwiches out of a school bus. (These people get it I’m telling you)

 We left the cameras behind besides a 30+ year old film camera. You don’t get to work at mastering the perfect shot or selfie. You don’t get to add filters or crop. It just is exactly what it is. Refreshing.

 (Stopping by to meet up with our buddy David. He’s a little camera shy)

 Here’s to you Pacific Northwest. Thanks for loving on us, bringing our rain and glimpses of sunshine, showing off the best rainbow I’ve ever seen, and reminding us to take notice of everything. #wishyourwerenortwest

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