Sailboat update #2

We are in full sailboat preparation (kind of). We can’t buy the boat until we are ready to live on it, and we are planning on moving in in June.

We are preparing in a few ways.

1) Financially

 We are saving money so that the boat is not financed. We are being intentional with our money by allowing ourselves to eat out only a max of  twice per week, using one paycheck for all bills and one paycheck for saving, and watching Jeremy’s investments in bitcoin rise and fall, hoping that it becomes the 15,000 we need for the boat by June ;). We are looking at Catalina 30s as our boat of choice. These range from 10-15k in the year that we want. We will also need to plan for the dinghy to buy as well.

2) Stuff

We are trying to be sure that we are downsizing properly for the boat. This means purging of items that we do not need, looking at any purchases we make through a new lease, and being sure that any clothing that we buy is high quality and useful for life on the boat.

3) Perspective

We are moving onto this boat to yes, save a lot of money. Our biggest point is we really desire that adventurous, unconventional living. In San Diego, there are no tiny house opportunities, so we began to think outside the box. We think it is easy to want to live unconventional and think that means sell all your stuff, quit your job and move somewhere with no one. We like where we are. We like our jobs. We just don’t feel like having the mortgage or the big house that uses up so many resources. We want to have the stories on the boat, the encouragement to others to try to live uniquely, and the intentional living we will need. We are thinking of ways to use less trash, food, water, power etc. It is already changing our use of items in our home.


Here are my questions:

1) What are ways we could use less plastics for items like toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, soap? Are there local places that will allow you to refill your bottles? (If not, someone start this business!)

2) If you live in small spaces, what are your pieces of advice as you plan?

3) What do you want to know about our sailboat living?

This weekend we are headed to the San Diego Boat Show on the harbor. We want to look at the boats, be sure that our heights fit in the beds, and get the overall feel. We hope to meet some cool people! I can’t wait to hear more from any other live aboard out there!.

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