Adventures with Kai dog. Forest Edition.

 Hey there! Kai dog here. It has been like a year since my mom let me be a guest write on the blog and to be honest, I think the last year has been one of my best. The last time I was featured here, I told you all about my life on the road, but then, I was just a young puppy that didn’t know much. Now, I am two and half and a sassy girl with so much experience in this world.

Today I am going to tell you about my favorite place in the whole world…. THE FOREST!

 When they take me to the forest, it is a whole heck of a lot colder and they love to put on all these layers of clothes. I just love to feel the icy breeze on me! I love the wind, the tall trees, and the endless sticks I can pick up and chase my owners with all over. Sometimes, if I am lucky, we take this thing they call a paddle board out on to the lake. It looks a little scary at first, but now I’m a pro. I like to watch all the fish swim below me. At home in San Diego, I love to swim in the ocean, so I thought this calm ocean like things would be great to swim in. I learned that they are a lot colder then home and now I stay nice and warm on the board.

 (Here’s a cute pic of me at home on the beach nice and warm. This was the day after my owners brought me home from Baja Dog Rescue! I was so young and innocent and only 4 months old.)

 In the forest, there are endless bushes that I can chase small mice, coyotes, rabbits, and I even learned about these incredibly fast jack rabbits last time. They run a lot faster then me so I get so frustrated and yelp at them. Usually at the dog park, I am the fastest dog of all (unless my greyhound friend shows up). Being outrun is frustrating, but it is so much fun!

 Last time we went to Colorado, we found these mountain tops that were covered in snow. I found this wide open patch of snow at the top of the mountain and learned that if I throw myself down on my side, I can slide down a far way and cool off in the snow at the same time. My mom says she thinks I look like a penguin! I ran up and down the mountain doing this over and over again, but as soon as my owners wanted to film it, I stopped. I like to keep them on their toes.

 Man. The good ole forest. When we come back, I sit in our tall window after getting a bath and stare out at the harbor. I love the beach, but there is something about the forest that I just feel so wild and free in it. Can you feel it too?

 Hopefully my mom takes me off this leash and let’s me guest write a little more often. If you like my features, let her know so she knows what the people want (ME!)

See you soon,

Kai-dog Davidson

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