After the storm, comes the best sunsets.

Sometimes, you have to feel the anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, rejection, failure. You have to sit in it and let yourself process this and hear what it is saying fully. You can’t try to shove it down and avoid these other emotions.

 Because when the seasons change and the love returns and clouds seem to lift, you notice the little things more and you appreciate the sunny skies, the laughter, and the dreams being accomplished. I have seen the last year as I watch myself and so many feel shame when the joy, endless smiling or the perfect face is not always what you have. It’s almost as though we need to reteach ourselves that these emotions are not good or bad. There are no rankings to these different types of emotions. They are all just a slew of the complicated pieces that make us humans.

I think back to a windy rainstorm we got stuck in while camping on a cliff edge in Big Sur, CA. I was in full snow gear as the icy wind stung my skin. The wind almost snapped our tent (Pre roof top tent days), the rain soaked our bags of clothes, and we scrapped the tent, and packed everything in the car for the night. For 20-30 minutes, there was chaotic rain, rushing to shield our clothes from the water, a few arguments, and freezing cold that makes your muscles ache from shivering. But when the storm passed and we were safe inside the car sharing our stories from this chaos, we were treated to the most beautiful sunset, a giggly night laughing at these memories over a glass of whiskey, and the best sunrise view we could have asked for. Without the chaos, those sweet sweet moments and that clear skied pink sunrise would not have been so sweet.

Let the not so good emotions roll through. Breathe them in. Hear what they have to say. Breathe them out, and feel the warmth on your skin as the sunshine rolls in again. For it makes the good so much sweeter.

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