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The purpose of Where the Forest Grows is to build this community of adventurous woman that are killing it in the outdoors, personally, and as a human. Through highlighting women that inspire me daily, I hope you get inspired by them to and add them to your community. I hope they push you to take that next adventure, take that job, do that thing, or even hike that trail you’ve always passed on your way home.

—Erin Sullivan—

Youtube: Erin Outdoors

Instagram: @erinoutdoors

Website: erinoutdoors.com

This next woman in this series is someone I’ve had a little friend crush on since hearing her podcast on She Explores (Check it out here, she’s incredible: Erin’s Podcast: No Straight Paths). She inspired me to dive in, do what I have always dreamed with no fear, and even if you have no experience, as she says, “You qualify yourself”. This one line of hers has stuck with me intensely over these last few months through job decisions, becoming a wife, diving in to writing and more. Her vulnerability, tenacity, love for the outdoors and easy going adventurous spirit , with a love for craft breweries and her incredibly hilarious Instagram stories made me want to get to know her more. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when, even in her busy schedule, she agreed to be featured on Where the Forest Grows…

1. Tell me about yourself. When you’re not outside exploring or traveling, tell me what we’d find you doing?

“I am usually writing or working in some capacity. I spend a lot of time reading and editing photos, trail running or doing yoga. Mainly when I am not traveling, I am catching up on work, finishing deliverables from previous trips, or taking time with myself.”

(Erin currently lives in Colorado and is a freelance writer, photographer, trip guide, life coach, self-proclaimed professional Ikea furniture assembler and the list goes on. In June she heads off to Greece for one of these trips for a week to share this part of the world and push people to fall in love with traveling and build community with others. She is an ambassador for companies like Cotopaxi., Sunski SunglassesOru Kayak and more. She works to support organizations that are doing good things in this world like Ubuntumade in Uganda. She’s basically killing it.)

 2. What is your favorite adventure story you love to share when swapping stories with a friend over a cup of coffee?

I love to share something that is meaningful at the time to whoever I am with. I want to share something that can help them with whatever they might be going through in life. When I am traveling, I want to come home and share anything that has shifted my perspective about something in this world, or helped me see something in a new way. For these are the important stories to share.

3. Why is getting outside important to you?

I think being outside connects you to yourself and reminds you that you are in control of your own thoughts and feelings. I think being outside also reminds us how small we really are– a dose of perspective every day is extremely important.

 4. What is your favorite thing that being outside brings out in you?

It gives me perspective, for sure. If I need to re-frame something or if I’m worried/stressed, spending time outside reminds me of what is really important and helps me re-set myself back to who I am.

Photo by Adaeze Azubuike

 5. What is your number one go-to “You must Visit this place” recommendation?

This is different for everyone, but New Zealand is incredible if you love the outdoors.

6.  To women out there who dream of exploring, adventure, and traveling more, what’s your advice to them?

Don’t believe anyone who says you can’t. We all have different starting points, but if you commit and work hard, you will get where you want to go. Don’t believe the story that you need a certain amount of money or experience– that is all bullshit. Adventure is a lot less complicated than the world makes it out to be, and you can decide what that means for you. Be smart and do your research, but eventually you have to take the risk in the face of not feeling “ready.”

 Photo: Raja Iliya

7. Anything else you want to share to these readers?

Look at your life– are you viewing your challenges as opportunities or as road blocks? Which of those two options will help you get where you are going? Shift your thinking to a mindset of possibility and abundance, and it’ll be just a little bit easier to move in that direction.

 As I write this post about Erin, I think of her journey. It’s something you can’t forget with her or you miss out. A few years ago, she was fired from her job and used that as a catalyst to create the life she always dreamed of with her brand, ErinOutdoors. She finally lost all those fears and dove head first into her brand. She’s honest that she had no clue what she was doing, but she didn’t let fear rule what she thought she could create like so many of us easily do. When you hear her talk about this time in her life, she’s thankful for her setback.

Thankful for our failures?…

As I sift through seasons of life where I’m so afraid to fail, she reminds me to breathe in all of this, success or failure, because it’s my story will one day push others to make that jump too, just like Erin’s does today.

When I read Erin’s words or listen to her stories, I can’t help but feel like a badass right along with her. I want to push harder in everything I dream of being. I want to laugh at my mistakes. I want to be honest that I am hard on myself and am learning to sift through anxiety. Erin’s not just an outdoor woman, she’s a woman that pushes you to be all that you have to offer and nothing less.

Follow her blog, her insta (and definitely watch her Instagram stories, she makes me laugh on the daily), her youtube channel. You won’t regret becoming a part of this community. 

I hope getting to know Erin has pushed you like she has for me.

Follow Erin’s lead.

Qualify yourself…Take the risk in not feeling “ready” and just Jump.

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