The good stuff hides beneath.

It’s Super Bloom here in California. (AKA: The flowers are everywhere). Some even say its what we call a “Super-Super bloom”.As I drive down the same highways I’ve always driven, hike the trails in my backyard, and explore with Kai dog through dirt trails in our neighborhood, the amount of flowers that sprouted in places that used to be plain, brown, dirt fields stop me in my tracks.

The places that I’ve walked past each day without taking notice are suddenly catching every eye that passes by, whether you like it or not. The flowers are growing up between cracks in the rock, on the sides of highways, in sidewalk cracks. Life has suddenly arrived anywhere the sunlight can squeeze its rays into.

You see, the super bloom is so captivating to me because all it took was one season of storms full of record setting rains and water to create these incredible sweeping hills, deserts, and valleys that have been overtaken by hues of fuchsia, yellows, and purple flowers. All along, for more years than we even know, these seeds sat just beneath the top layer of the soil, waiting to be brought out where it could show the world who it really was. It was right out of our view, but here all along… just waiting.

I wonder how much you and I have just lying just beneath the soil? I wonder how much of you and I have a Super bloom ready and waiting just for that heavy season of rain? 

As I run through fields of these super bloom flowers that are up to my shoulders as they paint orange streaks of pollen down my denim jeans, they remind me to be patient. That there’s more then anyone’s eye can see. They remind me that the seed is there. It’s lying just beneath the soil inside me, waiting for that perfect season of rain for it to grow into a stunning season that changes this world and can’t help but catch others eyes.

These flowers don’t just make me think of what may be lying right beneath in me. These make me think, “Who am I selling short?” “Who has potential that I haven’t even seen?” “Which students need just a little bit of rain from me in order to let them grow into what they were always waiting to be?”

I am not sure what you’re doubting yourself in. I am not sure where you’re losing hope. Maybe you’re burnt out on the job and just want the future, maybe you’re struggling financially and can’t see the end, a rough patch with a friend, or just don’t even see where your life is going. Look around. Find these flowers that are dancing to catch your eye. Remember your seed is there just waiting right beneath for that season of rain…Your super bloom is coming.

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