Bright hues and cacti.

It was spring break and I took a little leave of absence from the blog to soak up the rest. Jeremy, the hubs, is out of town so I created my own little adventures. Break was full of weddings to attend, nieces and nephews to cuddle, hikes, surf sessions, and cruising off to Palm Springs with one of my greatest friends and of course Kai.

Palm Springs meant neon colors, pool days, sunny skies, rattle snake encounters and exploring Desert X art exhibit trails in the Jeep. Saguaro Hotel is one of my favorites (You get free bikes and there are hammocks with your stay!! Don’t forget to grab a shake on the main strip and take long walks at sunset. The weather and views are magical.

It’s so refreshing to get away, get lost on trails, laugh, encourage each other as fellow teachers, and talk with each other about something besides students! I hope your Easters, Spring breaks, or maybe just a beautiful weekend was as incredible as these views.

Happy adventuring my weekend roamers.

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