Bringing back purpose

It’s easy to get disconnected, off track, lose focus. We make these dreams and impacting goals, yet they often get lost in the noise. I fear constantly that I’ll be 40 and say, “What if I had…?”

Lately, I am trying to be intentional. I am trying to live with this purpose daily and not let the moments fleet away from me through my fingertips. I have big dreams. I have passions. It takes intentions and motivation to live slowly and with passion and purpose and to grow the gifts we do have. It takes forcing yourself to beat against the normal pulse of society to just live day after day by clocking in and clocking out of the office (Check out my Dissonant Pulse post to see what I mean)

For the next 10 weeks, I’ll be featuring the ways that I am challenging myself to remember to be slow, to remember to live, to be intentional.

So here it goes…

Week 1: The 10 minute Stroll

10 minutes is all you need.

My tip: Keep your phone at home or put it on Do not Disturb if you need it on you. Nothing can take this ten minutes from you.

Ten minutes to stroll through your neighborhood,

Notice the buildings that make you smile,

Breathe in the scent of the fresh flowers as they sway in the breeze and lean in to the warm rays giving them life. Learn from them.

Listen to the rushing cars speed by as others’ hearts beat from inside.

They’re like you.

Smile at the people you pass along the way.

Find the massive landscapes and the small beauty in the moss that grows in the sidewalk cracks.

Walk as leisurely of a pace as you like. Be okay with even taking this stroll alone. If you see something beautiful, remember that was put there just for you.

My favorite part of these strolls is when I try to be social media savvy and capture the moment that’s filling me up. I can’t wait to get the likes, comments, and maybe even those extra follows. Even after my photography efforts, most nights the photo does not look as impressive as the real thing.

You see, but then I realized this is my favorite. This moment I found, this blossoming flower or perfect one minute of the sunset that glistens across the harbor, or the way the colors look across a building as though they were made for each other, this was just for me, well and whoever else may have stopped and noticed. It’s like a secret. No one else gets to experience by scrolling their thumb up a screen at the end of the day,  but they must get out and go find it for themselves.

Join me. Take 10 minutes. Find that hidden secret and make others go out and find theirs.

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