Why jeeps?

Many of you have asked… What’s the deal? Why did you choose a Jeep. Well, I love telling stories, so here it goes.

The Jeep story started with Jeremy. As a kid, Jeremy’s dad had a 95 Wrangler that they took around town, on the trails, and on many adventures. This is the same Wrangler he even learned how to drive in. When he was a sixteen year old kid with a license fresh in his hand, his Uncle sold him his 1971 CJ-5, the same one he remembers growing up and driving around town with him in.

Jeremy spent high school working extra shifts at the diner to save every penny he had to put in to building this beauty. The whole town knew him for this car. Her and Jeremy were famous that they even had a full two page spread in his senior yearbook about him and this Jeep.

 When college came, he would be moving 300 miles away to San Diego. As incredible as the CJ was, her 3 speed transmission and top speed of 45 miles per hour couldn’t make it down there and wasn’t fit for the highway life in San Diego, so he sold it to a family down the street and headed off to San Diego. Throughout college and living in Hawaii, he bought a 82’ CJ-7 and Jeeps were always a part of surf trips, camping, and Sunday drives.

Flash forward a few years and Genieva came in the picture while in college.  After 2 weeks into dating, Jeremy invited Genieva to camp with his family. Little did she know, she would catch the Jeep bug that weekend too. At this time she owned a tiny little Fiat that could barely fit her bike and surfboard (Nothing against Fiat:)). After a weekend of off roading in his dad’s Jeep, she was sold and planned to sell the little Fiat and join the Wrangler world. That is exactly what she did. A white two door JK that she named Khaleesi became her new car and Jeremy couldn’t help but love having that top down, doors off Jeep life again.

A year later, Jeremy, Genieva and their chocolate lab puppy Kai packed up the Jeep for a week in the Grand Canyon. The Jeep took them down off road trails that lead to a beautiful site that overlooked the whole canyon with no one else around! It was there that he proposed to her at sunset and asked her to do these kinds of trips with him forever.

After months of planning, the wedding came and the honeymoon was the next step. Most people jet off to tropical paradise for a week and soak up that honeymoon bliss. As a teacher and a photographer, there was freedom to do more. Why not take a 4,000 mile, month long trip around the Western United States in the Jeep exploring miles of famous trails, sights, and beautiful sunsets?

We have trekked through the deserts of Arizona and took trails to shady areas to get out of the 115 degree heat and the lightning storms coming through.  She’s taken us through the mountains into the Flagstaff forests. Khaleesi powered through Monument Valley bringing us to the bases of towering rock structures and wild horses. She’s lead us off the beaten path to Mountain tops in Colorado. She drove us through technical trails that you crest that last peak and suddenly have views of majestic Tetons in Wyoming that take your breath away.  She’s been a conversation starter and brings us new friends and many Jeep waves along the road. This Jeep family is close knit wherever you are!

Our Jeep to us hasn’t just been a way to get us to our daily job and home again. Our Jeep brought us together while dating to camping trips, off road trails, watching meteor showers from its roof top and more. Our Jeep brought home our first puppy together. She loaded up our stuff and moved us into our first apartment. She drove Genieva with her friends to our wedding day and was our getaway car as we pulled away.

What better way to start building this new family then a month out on the road with our Jeep. We’ve been dreaming of future trips, future Jeeps, and the day we out grow this two door and have to buy the 4 door to fit our next generation of Jeep owners! Our Jeep brings us together. It brings us time with our friends outdoors. It leads us to new places, memories and dreams.

One day, we hope to have this original two door, a few Power Wheels Jeeps and Jeremy’s original CJ5 back in our hands. (Living in small towns has perks. We contacted the family who he sold it to and they still have it and want to sell it back to him within the next year. They even let him look at it and she looks exactly the same as before!)

We love building up this new Jeep family and can’t wait to see where else she leads us!

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