Dissonant Pulse.

We wake up to the racing pulse of the alarm clock with barely a moment to breathe in the new morning air.

We speed off to get our coffee that makes the rush through the day even faster as we leave behind in our rear view mirrors a sunrise screaming for our attention with its grand gestures of purples and pink hews piercing through swirling clouds.

Can you feel it too?

We hear it all the time, “Life is short”, “Seize the Day”…The sayings we use to quiet that dissonant pulse inside us that is beating oddly against that fast tempo we have created. That pulse that doesn’t quite match our world around us, but is trying desperately to be heard.

What if we changed that?

What if instead we soaked up this world that reminds us to take in each day’s new beauty, from the large gesturing vast sunsets down to the quiet ways the grass flutters in the wind.

The way we make the choice to wake up and hear the birds friendly chatter as the morning sun breaks from the Earth with it’s delicate light that stops us in our tracks.

What if we took notice of the feeling of the sand between our toes as the waves crash against the shoreline. We feel the salt water trickle down our skin as the tides push the water in and out over our feet. We breathe deeply and can finally smell the salty breeze gliding across the water that was always there, but we finally notice.

What if this just became the new pulse?

Because when we do this, when we take time to breathe this all in, suddenly that dissonant pulse inside us begging for us to look around and really see, is no longer the dissonant one, but becomes the leading melody of our day. And with that, finally, we’re alive again.

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