Bold 2017.

Welcome Back from all of your holiday and winter celebrations. We hope that they were full of exploring, remembering, soaking in the people, places, and memories that you love.

I love the new year because its just that… new. Fresh calendar pages. Fresh ideas to try, new bucket lists to make, places to see. You see, I am not big on New Years Resolutions that tie you down and wrap you up when you skip that workout because the day was just too long at work and you need a day off. One day means you failed the year? That’s not my style. I like goals with check off lists. My resolutions are more accomplishments that I want to see happen within the year. For example, learn to sew. As I sat and reflected on 2016, it was a big one for the Davidsons. We planned a wedding, got married, took a two month road trip, finished my 3rd year teaching, settled in to married life, advanced new businesses, planned for more opportunities, and went on more adventures then we can count.

I began to think of 2017. What do I want to happen? When its New years Eve next year and I hover over the possibilities of 2018, what do I want to say, “but _____ happened in 2017 and that was good” There’s the overwhelming fear of what if there’s nothing? What if 2017 comes and goes, and well moments happened and memories were made, but those ideas that you’ve always wanted to pursue never moved out from just ideas.

This year, my goal is a word instead. BOLD.

 I’m a people pleaser. I want to achieve. I want to be good at things on the first try. I fear failing at it. I hate inconveniencing people. I worry that my ideas are incompetent or my words are too much. I don’t want my emotions to be overwhelming to others so I apologize, if I ever get to sharing them. I apologize when someone bumps into me.

2016 revealed this to me. It showed me that my fear of failing or not being perfect on the first try holds me back. It held me back as I learned to surf, for I was afraid to be too hard to teach. It holds me back in teaching because I am afraid what if I let someone slip through the cracks? What if I fall? What if I…” The idea of wanting to be perfect takes away all of the bravery from you. I get held back because of fear of imperfection and watch as things slips by while I stand on the safe side of the glass. I can see through to the incredible, but the risks….The risks keep my feet dug down deep on the safe side.

The more adventures we take, the more aware of this word BOLD I have become. The more aware of it I become, the more I want it.

I step outside and I watch the waves boldly smash against the rocks, unafraid to do it incorrectly.

I hear the birds in the new morning light sing any tune these please, with no care if it’s done perfectly.

I study the sunrises and sunsets that stretch long rays with golden hues and quiets the world with its boldness.

The mountains stretch tall, the leaves dance in the wind with no care for mastering it perfectly. This beautiful world just does.

 I want to be more like that. I want to be bold with what I say. I want to boldly love. I want to be fearless when trying new things and laugh when I mess up at it. I want to write boldly and be unafraid of who reads it, likes it, reposts it, comments it. I just want to be.

I have been meddling over this post the last two weeks. Nervous I’d seem a little crazy, I didn’t post it. Then a friend of mine posted a similar idea as her New Year’s Resolution.

Here are her words:

“The most important thing that happened in 2016 was deciding that I don’t want to allow fear to keep me from showing up in my own life. I’ve learned, in my 26 years on this earth, how to stay small, keep quiet, and avoid risk. I’ve learned to do these things in pursuit of perfection and acceptance. If I stay in my box, don’t share my ideas, and only pursue goals and tasks that I know I can accomplish, I won’t fail. I avoid criticism and rejection (or at least I convince myself that I can do so). When I do inevitably get criticized or rejected (because, newsflash, self, you can’t control how people respond to you!) I apologize for failing to be perfect. How many times in my life have I apologized to someone for not understanding a new concept, not answering a question correctly, or having an idea that that person disagreed with? I’m apologizing not for *doing* something wrong, but for *being* imperfect.So, my new years resolutions are two:1. Be bold2. Don’t apologize when boldness leads to failureFinally, I think it’s worth thinking about the source of the courage that these two resolutions require, because they’re not easy! But the source of courage is really quite simple. It’s love. When I think about the love in my life, from God, from my family, and friends, why wouldn’t I be bold and unapologetic? God doesn’t stop loving me when I fail and neither do my family and friends. I’ve summed up these resolutions, and the source of courage from which they can be accomplished, in one imperative: Live like you’re loved. Love provides the freedom to live boldly and unapologetically. Because you’re loved, failure and rejection are not the end and they say absolutely nothing about who you are. Love does. So live like it.”

         —-Taylor Mahler

Isn’t she eloquent?

As I read her words, I realized maybe it’s not just me. Maybe the reason adventuring, exploring, and seeing the world has become the highest grossing market in America is because we all crave something real (Source: Outside Magazine). I post these words to hold myself accountable to this desire. I post them to encourage others who think they may be a little crazy that “Hey, me too”.

2017 is the year of the BOLD. The bold creators, thinkers, doers, teachers, explorers, fighters, innovators and more. It’s for those to find their boldness and let it breathe its way out. So when you watch the leaves dancing in the wind freely and boldly… you can say, “Hey, me too!”

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