Why do I adventure?

Because when I am outside in the middle of towering trees, I feel free. Free from the distractions, the comparisons, the expectations that come from myself and the world. I am solely distracted by imagining the stories these century old trees can tell and everything else falls away.

I choose to step outside because when those waves wash over me, I feel as though it washes away the weight of all we hold. No longer are you as hard on yourself. No longer do you need to prove anything to the world. You have nothing to prove to this vast ocean. You can breathe deeply until that sweet air fills every corner of your lungs.

Because when I finally take that deep breath, close my eyes and make that jump off the cliff into the deep blue water below, my heart beats a little faster and I feel a rush as the icy water tingles over my skin. Then it’s worth it as eels poke their heads in and out of the coral at you to investigate who has just joined their deep blue waters.

I choose to get outside because its teaching me things.

As I get older, I notice the ways that I expect only success from myself. Failing at anything is out of the question and that just doesn’t work. I am a firm believer that sometimes the thing in us that is our strength; the thing that drives us, brings us success, and makes us a part of who we are can also be the one thing that can tear at us. For me, my drive is my weakening strength. It’s pushed me to graduate early, quickly get a job, be good at what I do, be a runner, love intensely, and so much more.

It’s a beautiful strength…but when it’s a strength.

The more I take time to be in the forests, oceans, deep kelp beds, desert sands, silencing mountain ranges, the more I see I’ve gotten it all wrong.

When I stand in sandy desert plains there is no failure or even the idea of the fear of it. The sand blows, the cactus bloom, the birds fly, and the coyotes howl. They just are who they are and that’s good enough.

The kelp beds sway in whatever swell is pushing in on them. They let the seals come and creep through. The green leaves glisten in the sun when it hits them just right. No striving to be something else than just what they are.

The ocean lets you play with her as you push below her waves and pop up through the other side. Spray splashes across your face and you can’t help but smile when you pop through. You feel her power. The waves just are what they are with no fear of failing at what they do. It’s impossible to get it wrong.

I choose to get outside because it’s reminding me to be more like that. Fearless. Fearless from the risk of failing, being wrong, letting others down. Just be. The world doesn’t hold back. No she just is who she is and this is why we all fall in love with her over and over again.

This is why when we opt outside….so we can feel just as free as she is.

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