Where the buffalo roam.

Today, we got up and explored the beautiful Tetons plains down below. Old abandoned barns, dancing prairie fields, and keeping your eyes peeled for elk, bears, and my ultimate goal: moose. (My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Jackam had a moose day. Since then, I have wanted to see one for reals!)

We drove around pulling over and roaming through whatever caught our eyes. We found family of elk, deer and even a herd of buffalo that was moving through the plains, but still no moose.

We drove to trails and hiked to winding rivers, beaver made dams, and even some prairie dogs roaming through. Even after driving through “Moose Road”, they were no where to be found. We headed out for sunset to an off road trail (I got to practice my skills and only got us slightly stuck in the mud once. But as Jeremy’s dad says, I kept the “Rubber side Down”)

The next morning we were heading out to go into Yellowstone to see the Hot Springs, geysers and of course, Ole Faithful. I asked Jeremy if we could just do Moose road one more time. I told him dead or alive I just want to see one moose! AS we passed a little stream, we found this guy hanging in the water and I practically jumped out of the car. He just sat there staring at me and it was this quiet moment with this moose. Then cars began to drive by and noticed too and stopped, which scared him away. I was able to snap this photo of our encounter before anyone came.  Mission Accomplished!

We headed to Ole Faithful and saw it in all its glory. The bubbling blue pools with their sulfur smell were my favorite. They look like little spas just waiting for you to sit in! We even found this Bison hanging out near these pools.

Wyoming and Montana are beautiful pieces of our country. They make your soul feel good and they make you breathe easy. They make you laugh often, and remove any stress you were feeling. There’s no service in most places so your phone can’t block your view. These slow places fill you up. We are heading into Idaho tomorrow. West Yellowstone, Idaho Falls, Boise, McCall are on the Horizon. I can’t believe we are halfway through this trip. I am off to soak up every last icy river, sunrise, and dancing under the stars with my husband and dreaming of wherever else we will go one day.

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