The Last Turn.

Grand Tetons

This trip has is like a giant puzzle we navigate this website of the normal path campsites and find places people have posted about. We follow their iPhone photos and 2 sentence reviews and hope for the best with these sites. So far, we have been nothing but impressed.

Today we began our journey into Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is another place Jeremy daily drools over and shares photos he sees and dreams of one day standing below those giant Tetons himself. I kept asking if certain “mountains” were the Tetons. He would laugh and say just you wait. When I saw the Tetons his laughs made sense.

When we got near the Tetons, a rainstorm was coming through so the entire range was covered in clouds and rain. We¬†followed our GPS coordinates up to todays spot we would be attempting to stay at. My favorite part is the last turn. You wind up these paths between trees that seem to be leading no where, but you’re patient. You keep following the coordinates and when you see you are on the last turn and you come around to where the full view is there, you get it. You see why this place was worth the off road trails, teetering on edges of cliffs, and slugging through the mud. They take your breath away

I stepped out of the car and both of us just stood quietly. I feel like in those moments I can feel my breathing. It slows as though to say, soak this one up. I stand and the majestic Tetons tower before me and the rain tickles my cheeks. Wildflowers light up the hills and the leaves dance spastically in the wind.

This is one of those moments that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

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