Icy Baths.

Native Colorado

Today was mostly a driving day. We loaded up on gasoline, food, and an idea of where we were headed and left good ole Colorado. If I had to describe Colorado I would say she’s gracefully fierce with her drastic landscapes, peaking mountains, and her endless forests. Her mosquitos aren’t messing around though and I have the welted bites to prove it. My blood must be sweeter than Jeremy’s because he has no bites from these little boogers.

When we arrived at our campsite, it was on a flowing river. Kai has found she loves rivers and collecting sticks that float along the top. We opened the door and she rushed down and into the water. Jeremy and I were excited to put on our suits and jump in to these icy cold waters. This is our shower these days: standing in the flowing river, dancing around crayfish squirming around your toes, and soaking up the icy water while shampooing your hair and staring at some incredible sights. It sounds cold and maybe a little difficult but there is something a little free that comes up inside you taking showers like this.

Kai of course found a dead animal within the first ten minutes she brought back to show off to us. As the sun began to set, that cold water began to set in and make your skin numb. We rushed back and began to cook dinner. The only way to properly celebrate being in a new state is to toast with a beer only sold from our previous state, Colorado. It is one of my new favorites and we will have to head back to Colorado for more.

An incredible sunset came through. For some reason, Jeremy can always pinpoint when it will be a good one. He will stand out there and stare for a few minutes than can immediately rate if we should keep an eye out for this one. His predictions were true. This was one for the books. Most people walk away as soon as that sun falls behind the horizon. My favorite part is what the sky does after that moment. People walk away too soon 🙂 

 Here’s to days with no big purpose. Here’s to days laughing in a river freezing your booty off and feeling the slimy plants ooze between your toes. Here’s to days rating the sunsets together and living easy.

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