Alta Lakes, Colorado.

Alta Lakes, Colorado

We are back on the road. We were recommended Telluride, Colorado so we made a stop for the night at Alta lakes. I have never seen anything like this. The stillness, the golden light that hits the tress at sunset, the quietness on the trails. Its a surreal place and I feel like at any moment the set will be pulled away and really, this scenery isn’t real. You stand on the edge of this lake and feel small. Trees tower over you. Fish hop out of the waters in front of you. Beavers swim along the shore and mosquitos hover above the icy waters that recently traveled from that snowy mountain above.

 When we left here, I asked Jeremy where his favorite place was so far. Without hesitation, we both answered here. This place was so good for the soul. Next up, Telluride, Colorado.

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