Welcome home.

After being stuck for three days, we called AAA and got towed into the closest town of Cortez, Colorado and we headed to Jimmy’s Outback 4×4, as reccommended. We had no idea if they were open or still out soaking up the off-road trails and turning the 3 day holiday weekend into a 4 day holiday, but we hoped for the best.

 When we finally got a hold of them, we were greeted by Cottin, the most drop everything, we are going to get you back on the road person I have met. She told us to head over and we would figure it all out. Their shop was full of smiles, puppies, air conditions and more off road parts and buggies than Jeremy could take in!

The mechanics were full for the day, so we would have to wait until Wednesday for them to look at the Jeep, but they offered their car for us to use, a key to be able to use their showers (this is a luxury!), and their property for us to park the trailer on. Jeremy and Randy talked trails, Jeeps, stories of off roading. King of the Hammer trophies surrounded the walls and the shop worked late into the night on more projects.

Jimmy’s Outback 4×4 was like pulling into your home town after a long trip. It was refreshing, a relief, and full of so many wonderful people. My favorite part of traveling is the people you meet along the way. The ones that make the world feel smaller, full of joy, and beautiful. The ones that tell you their story. The ones that make this small little town come alive. These people had never met us before, but basically let us into their 2nd home, their cars, and their lives for a few days.

The Jeep was fixed and ready to go back on the road, but we found ourselves wanting to not leave Jimmy’s! After saying goodbye and pulling Kai away from all of her new puppy friends, I couldn’t help but smile and know these were new friends. The breakdown was worth it.

Good news: Khaleesi is ready for the open road and we can head back out. Colorado, we didn’t expect to hang out with you so long but thanks for being good to us with your cooler temperatures, welcoming people, and your cascading mountains.

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