Little jeep troubles.

 We have been off the grid for a week almost now! We apologize for few updates, but you take what you can get 🙂

Adventures aren’t what you call perfect . Sometimes you get troubles, but it makes it lead to even sweeter things. As we pulled in to Colorado, we began to hear what I call a “clunking” underneath the Jeep and a loud whine like Khaleesi (our Jeep) was screaming at us.

Luckily, we were pulling into our campsite for the night. We pulled over and we originally thought we had broken an axle. We were able to research a little more and realized it was the new gears we had gotten put in before we left.  It was the end of Saturday. The next day was a Sunday and Monday is 4th of July. We knew it would be a few days before we would be able to reach any mechanic (small town life=not open on weekends), so we made the most of it and hunkered down for a  few days to make this place home.

We contacted off road clubs and posted on forums. We were able to get recommendations of mechanics in the area that know Jeeps. We even had some offer to come and tow us out! The off road community is close knit.

We were a little bummed to be broken down, but we realized it was the perfect time to break down. We had just made it out of 100+ temperatures and being in the middle of Navajo towns throughout Monument Valley with barely any mechanics! We were in beautiful forest on top of a hill with 80 degree weather and even a rainstorm.

For now, we settle down, explore this forest, and laugh as we watch Kai meet cows and watch Mama cows chase her away from their babies.

Adventures aren’t perfect, but you realize that it’s you who takes what comes your way and turns them into some of your favorite moments.

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