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Hey guys,

Life in the good ole outdoors is what I was made for. With my Mexican roots (If you didn’t know, my owners rescued me from Baja! I still love my carne asada, but I have lost all of my Spanish skills) I love the desert. All day long I dig holes in the sand, find sticks to chew, and sometimes even find leftover bones someone left behind. My owners are all worried about it and sometimes take them away.  

 I get this spurt of energy and I sprint through the woods at full speed and chase my owners around. Genieva keeps going on these runs and I love to follow here around. We love it out here and this leashless life. I make sure to come back when they call for me and it keeps that leash from going on my neck. I have also learned how to dig caves into the sand and it is so much cooler down under there where it is wet.

The other night, I met a coyote! It looked like me just a little lighter in color. I think I scared him away because he would not stay and play. I also am learning about this thing called thunder and lightning.

It is a little scary and most of the time I hide under the Jeep or sometimes even inside the Jeep on the Yeti. I learned that those pokey bushes called cactus, stick in you if you get too close, but Jeremy pulled them all out for me and I’m staying far away from them now.

My newest trick that I am really proud of is I climb the ladder up and down into our rooftop tent. It makes a good lookout to make sure no one is coming into camp!

Overall, life is so good. My fur is really not too brown but a reddish color, but I couldn’t be happier! I hope you all are getting outside today because its great out here! Happy Saturday to you!



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