Horseshoe Bend.

Horseshoe Bend

I have heard Jeremy talk nonstop of this place for the last year and a half. Instagram shows off its beauty and it is a photographers dream of a location. Last night at sunset, we loaded up the trailer and headed quickly over to grab a spot before the sun set as the thunderstorms were clearing  away. (Thank goodness for these EarthX trailers that make cleanup about 5 minutes)

When we got there, we were a little letdown to find there were still hundreds of people there flocking the edges with their iPhones, selfie sticks, and all kinds of cameras to claim that they had been to this iconic view. It would be easy to get frustrated and let down by the noise, the screaming of people walking around, the people that if you don’t have a camera in your hands they step in front of your view just to get their own shot.

Soon, we both slipped into this quietness. The noise, the crowds, the people, the clicks of hundreds of camera force you to zone them out and soak up every little piece. You find yourself thinking of what it must have been like to be the one that stumbled across this view. You look down and watch the river slowly curve its way around the red rocks. You watch the sky open up more and more. You breathe in the scent of the wet dirt left over from the storm clouds that just passed through. You realize this red clay makes these rains smell completely different then the ones we know back home.

I could get used to this little home on wheels that leads you to views like this.

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