Heat wins.

I can be stubborn, competitive and the “tough guy”. It’s a blessing and a curse. What I had to learn the hard way is, this heat is serious and doesn’t put up with that one bit.

I had this awesome idea to do todays workout in the heat of the day and I recruited Jeremy to join. (Helen kicked his butt). Afterwards we felt great and decided to run down to the river. It was only about a mile and a half each way. Pocket Change.

I could not keep up with Jeremy and should have known then something was up. Distance is the one thing I kick his booty in. He asked me if I was okay and I insisted on making it to the river. By the time we got to the last ridge, I could barely make it in my practically walking pace. I finally said to Jeremy, “I think I feel a little weird”, which actually meant “Umm I’m seeing stars and am about to pass out!” After him pumping Nuun tabs in me and pouring water to cool me down, we made our way back to M&M’s and gatorade.

From surfing, I am learning that you listen to your body, the waves, the wind, and the tides. I am learning you’re not always in control and you flow with what comes at you. You read what is coming as it comes and you don’t fear those changes, but you adapt with them. You let yourself feel and respond to it.

Most days, I would have felt embarrassed to not make it to that river, to be the weak one, to not beat everyone there, but being outside teaches you things. It teaches you that there are things more powerful than you and we roll with the punch and stand back and admire their power instead of resenting it.

Jeremy jokes I like to learn things the hard way and its most often true 🙂 One week of life on the road, and I’ve already learned a few things like drink way more water then you think, you’re not invincible, and watching sunrises in the middle of a forest with your pup and your husband while listening to the wind that we don’t get to hear in the city may be one of my favorite memories.

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