Silence in the Storm.

have always been obsessed with rain. Not just the down pouring rain, but a certain type. The kind that lightly tickles your cheeks and nose. The kind that I can’t help but giggle in. It makes you want to run outside, take off your shoes and let it fall down gently on your cheeks just like a kid again. Jeremy hates the rain, but for me it does something inside me that you feel any weight on your shoulders disappear and makes me feel so alive.

The rain refreshes you. It makes you take deep breaths as you soak up the smells of wet dirt, moist leaves, and dripping trees as it refreshes the world around you as well. It makes you listen as it dances on car windows and tops of tents. It slows you down and makes you just be right there with the rain.

There is something even better about this kind of rain when you’ve been roasting in the heat and it comes to relieve you. Yesterday thunderstorms came through and brought temperatures from 115 degrees to 90. It was a relief because as we watched it come all we could do was hide out in tents to stay cool.

Here in Arizona, the lightning storms are serious stuff. They don’t come and go like San Diego. They last for hours after the rain and usher you into the night. You watch the bolts skirting the ground and the vibrant show puts you to sleep as you watch through your tent window.

We are feeling good today. A break from he heat was everything we needed. Off to explore Flagstaff for us! Stay tuned.

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