Fit on the Road.

efore we headed out on this trip, there was a lot of preparing the car, the wedding, the route, and researching what beautiful gems were along the way to see.
Personally, I still wanted to find a way to be able to workout as well. I don’t know about you, but I’m happier, more energetic, and just feel plain good when I do.

 I was trying to think of solutions for being able to run and maintain my strength training I’ve been working hard at, when an ex-teammate, Helen Bavin, announced she’d be releasing her new E-book right before we headed off. Perfect timing! She said you didn’t need a gym and it had lots of flexibility to meet your needs. Sounded like a perfect fit to me and I’d love to support her.

Yesterday was Day 1! Instead of dumbbell weights I found a perfect sized red rock chunk and pulled out my yoga mat onto the red dirt surrounded by this view:

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