Quick Lessons.

After two days of cleaning up from the wedding, packing, prepping the EarthEx trailer, and recovering from the wedding weekend, we are finally hitting the road! I feel like we are just now coming down off the wedding high, but we couldn’t be more excited to head out.

First stop. Sedona, Arizona. It has only been one day and we have already learned a few things about life on the road.

–1. Everyone’s warning to be mindful of rooftop tent zippers and DO NOT GET THE FABRIC STUCK is very true. We spent an hour in front of our house in Downtown San Diego watching videos about how to fix this little booger. It’s a good marriage building activity….And yes, we got it fixed!

–2. Reading freeway signs is helpful. Of course June through the Southwest United States means wildfire season. We came to find one had shut down the freeway we were headed to and we avoided a 3 hour delay to our trip. A little quick reroute.

–3. 115 degree weather is no joke! A stop at the gas station can melt all of your morale boosting chocolate covered pretzels.

When we finally got to Sedona we were greeted by beautiful off road trails, wide open land with towering red rocks around you, and beautiful bright stars showing off for us. I don’t know about you, but the trek is always worth it when you get there.

Tomorrow, we hear thunderstorms are rolling in. We can’t wait to get some photos of it and share them with all of you!

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