The Open Road.

 In 4 days, we say I do, walk down that aisle, and dance the night away under the stars with our favorite people. But in 6 days, we head out

onto the open road with our puppy, Kai and our trusty 2012 Jeep Wrangler that we like to call Khaleesi. (Yes, we’re Game of Thrones Fans. How could you not be?)

We mapped out our route and we have 4,416 miles of open road in front of us. We can’t wait to see this beautiful country that we have right at the tips of our fingers. Thats 78 hours of driving.

My favorite part about trips is the parts that you don’t plan for. The moments you get lost, stumbling across stunning scenery that was off the suggested stops list, the silence that happens watching the sunset when you finally arrived at your next stop and it was worth every minute getting there. Those are the moments that you live for.

We will be sharing everything we see, experience, and so much more. Follow our journey!

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